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Updated: Apr 12, 2019

The whole idea scared me to be honest. For the past 20 years my career path was Horticulture. Sure while going to College you’re prepped with a small amount of education on running a business. Some form of entrepreneurial quick study was about all you're given. So when we started planning on looking for a new home, little did I know what we were in for. I could bore you with all the details, realtor, old house, our wants and needs etc. Actually I should give a shout out to our Realtor (very patient man) Ron Klingbyle, who showed us more houses then anyone should look at, however our list of demands were quite substantial (more Lee's than mine--he'll say otherwise). Little did we know we would find our dream home that literally had more then were expecting. I believe our friend A.J said it best when a mutual friend asked to describe our new home, her reply was "picture Leland as a house". Granted if you don't know Leland that wouldn't make any particular sense to you, but it was true. Leland has always wanted to run a business, as he gets that trait from his mother, Annette.

As we toured the house one October afternoon [by the way we weren't even considering moving as far out as we did] we found ourselves smack dab in the house that has so many unique qualities that no home buyer would ever consider, except us. Leland's list was to at least have a few acres, and a pole barn that he could stash all of his toys. Well suffice to say we definitely found it. We found more than that, we stumbled on to a property with history. With owners that were beyond particular and kept every receipt and kept every appliance in working order.

Our first stop was the house, as we walked right inside the doors we entered the dining room and on top of the dining set were photos that dated back as early as 1929. It was an old school house S. S. #6. One photo displays an aerial shot and a scribbled note stating that it was closed in 1966 and was purchased by Peter for $1000.00.

As we walked to the front of the house we came to a spiraling staircase in which later we were informed it had come out of the Hiram Walkers plant. We swung a right an into the bathroom of copper fixtures, oak cabinetry and trim then towards what they call a water closet with a set of oak saloon doors and a Harley Davidson stained-glass window. Me and Leland looked at each other with excitement in our eyes ( we were told by our realtor Ron, to always be neutral, never give away your emotions) we toured the remainder of the house wondering what was around the next corner. It was absolutely perfect. We continued our way to the pole barn and our jaws just dropped. It was beyond what Leland was even considering. It was amazing, it had a kitchen, a bathroom and a loft. Enough room to store his bikes and his Caprice Classic.

The biggest seller to us was the store. We bounced around ideas as what we could turn it into. Leland having an 8 year Electricians background, I figured he would want to settle down one day and run a small Electrical company. Nope. We eventually came to the decision to sell Antiques. Considering the history of the house it was a no-brainer.

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