It's been such a great two months of being operational. I took some time to take a few photos of the store as it stands right now. Of course if you've been out more then once since we've been open you have seen some changes. Especially going into different seasons the store will take a different shape. Our next endeavor will be to make our way to Toronto for the big gift show to see what is out there for the store. Supply you with more choices especially when Christmas approaches so you can find unique gifts for your family and friends.

Of course I know it will be August by then, but I guess that's what this business is all about. I get to go Christmas shopping in August you say? Hey it's definitely a different approach for me in that sense, but not too far off from what I did before. I mean I can't compare plants to antiques and gifts in that capacity but I did have to always plan ahead in that field. I must say this is a little more exciting though.

Working here has really changed my routine and outlook on priorities. One my physical capabilities had to change, I mean less back breaking, heat stress work. Although if I do work in the back room it can get zero air flow at times. That reminds me I am officially starting to refinish antique pieces, not necessarily for the trendiness of shabby chic, some of the pieces we acquire can be in rough shape. Pieces that are in great condition will not be touched because I still believe keeping the age of the furniture true. As of date I have refinished an old 20's desk, a three drawer chest and an old piano bench which I think would be a nice coffee table for someone.

Weeding and maintaining the property is still a very large priority of mine as well. We are running a business of course. So if you do stop by the store you may see me around the pool area or up close to the house. Of course I have measures to stay alert to anyone coming to visit. One would be Sierra, she's always excited to great our customers if she gets the chance she will be right at your car door. On the warmer days we will be in the store trying to hide from the heat. I also have a small alarm that alerts me in case I am in the house or in the back room working on a piece. I believe in having a good face to greet you if Sierra is not available. We do also make allowances for anyone that does not feel comfortable around dogs.

For the most part we are really excited about how everything has developed and the friendly faces that come to our store and check out not just what we have but just the place we care so much about. Thank you to everyone who has taken their time to come visit. We have made some great friends through this whole process and continue to value the time we spend on making your experience the best we can.

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